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StartupRunner helps startups acquire repeat customers, create a scaleable sales program and raise money from investors to speed up building profitable businesses.

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    The Chasm

    Step 1 Customer discovery involves finding out who the customers for your product are and whether the problem you believe you are solving is important to them. More importantly whether the problem, product and customer hypotheses in your business model are correct. To do this, you have to leave guesswork behind and do what Steve Blank calls getting “outside the building”.

    Step 2 Customer validation is where your product is available for customers to try, buy and tell you if they they’re willing to pay for the value you provide. This step is when startups being trying to find repeatable customers that can be sold with a repeatable sales process. Inbound and Outbound marketing starts to become a key activity because acquiring new customers and generating revenue are of increasing importance.

    Weeks 1 - 4

    More Customers

    • Value Proposition Marketing
    • Value Proposition Marketing Competitions
    • Value Proposition Marketing Campaigns
    • Value Proposition Marketing Sales Process
    Weeks 5 - 8

    More Revenue

    • Value Proposition Content Creation
    • Value Proposition Content Syndication
    • Value Proposition Marketing Channel Expansion
    • Value Proposition Marketing Analytics
    Weeks 9 - 10

    More Investment

    • Business Model Optimization
    • Investment Readiness

    Step 3 Customer Creation is where heavy marketing spending takes place to accelerate profit efficient customer acquisition. Finding efficient paths acquire customers is the key to begin crossing the chasm to efficient customer creation. Many startups raise growth capital under the false pretense they're prepared for high value customer creation. This is where huge marketing mistakes are made which often are too costly for startups to recover from.

    Step 4 company building is in the future when you’re acquiring customers efficiently you’ll reach a point where you need to organizationally transition from a startup to a company that can scale its operation. This is in response to highly efficient, scalable customer creation. It’s worth mentioning here that many startups prematurely hire large teams to scale and repeat a sales process around inefficient customer creation. In most cases this is the exact reason a startup runs out of money and becomes part of the 90% that fail.

    Through a 10 week virtual marketing accelerator program we give startups marketing training and tools to acquire customers, increase revenue, create a repeatable sales process and build a profitable business.

    Marketing Curriculum

    Weekly marketing curriculum delivers key concepts and steps to build, measure, and learn from marketing campaigns across a diverse set of channels.

    One on One Coaching

    Program managers work virtually with startups. Weekly one on one growth session calls. Daily collaboration using Slack. Project management via Asana.

    Marketing Software

    StartupRunner proprietary marketing software powers the entire accelerator experience leveraging Google Analytics for campaign performance tracking.

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