Social Media for Startups (and everyone else)

AARRR metrics funnel: Acquisition Activation Revenue Referral Retention Startups, and business in general, operate in the wild west of the digital age where bold decisions and quick pivots are foundational. So you probably believe your product or service is the next big thing. But what does everyone else think? Social media can be used as a testing tool in evidenced-based development. Facebook ads can geo-target potential customers and see which tagline copy generates the most clicks. Twitter can identify for groups discussing your keywords. Google+ can bolster the Google AdWords campaign you’re running for A/B site testing. These are just a few social media tools your startup could use to test the stickiness of new features, get real-time feedback on product releases and run low-cost customer surveys. Claim The Name Startups spend time and money deciding on a smart, catchy name and creating a logo and tagline. Once these three elements (name, logo and tagline) are locked in, startups should register on every social media platform available. We know there are some social media strategists who posit that if you are not active on the platform, it’s better to stay off it. But StartupRunner recommends startups claim their name everywhere, right away. Later, during the Launch Phase, you can decide whether or not to actively populate all of those platforms. But you can make that decision because you’ve claimed your name. Choose Your Channel What social channels are good for you? Expand The Website’s Reach Bottom line: social media accounts make your name, logo and tagline accessible to over a billion people. Also, it is well documented that Google+ pages and social media links tying back to your website increase your rankings in Google search results. Facebook and Twitter are now considered “social signals” that draw attention during Internet searches. The more people engaging your Facebook, Twitter and business pages, the more likely you’ll be found when a new customer “Googles” your business area. Get It Done! Whether you do this work alone or hire a company like MarketingRunner to get it done; establishing your social media presence is an invaluable investment in your startup. P.S. If you’re having trouble understanding how your social media presence is performing throughout your funnel – request a demo and we’d love to show you how to track one of the most overlooked channels of opportunity.]]>