Startup Tools

Excellent resource links to help build your startup toolbox:

  1. Startup Tool Wiki, by Seedcamp, which is focused on technical tools from search, bug and issue tracking, performance, and more.
  2. Biztools provides categories based on the various stages of startups.
  3. 87 seconds blog offers input on promoting, billing services or tracking, they gathered and categorized the best apps for a startup business.  They start with the number one tool as Google, then moves through analytics, CRM, accounting, storage, collaboration, project management, mailing and social media management.  
  4. Thoughts and Tools for Startups has helpful links to articles such as, 10 Awesome Tools a Happy Startup Shouldn’t Live Without.  Fiona Duffy of Happy Startup School, guides you to great tools, Lean Canvas, a key method for startups to form a business plan, Personapp, an app that helps you visualize your audience and Strikenly, this is a must app for those less technically inclined:) and 7 more to consider.
For those of you who have a good grasp of the basic Startup tools, you’ll appreciate this 2014 blog by Mark Evans of Forbes Entrepreneurs on 10 Cool Tools for Startups to Embrace. New tools like:

SEO Tips for 2014Avishai Sam Bitton speaks to the challenge on how to keep your startup at the top of the Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with 7 new trend companies and ideas to help.

Tech Conferences are a great startup tool building place. While small business owners might feel they can’t afford to take time away from their day-to-day tasks to attend a conference, there are some benefits by getting out of the office for a few days and building your startup tool kit with verbal and visual interaction at a tech conference, show or contest.  Alon Alroy, co-founder and chief marketing office of Bizzabo, provides a guide to the upcoming top events in Top 2014 Tech Conferences for Entrepreneurs.  With over 3000 different conferences offer, Alroy offers the top US 2014 events, such as

  • Tech Week held in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Miami, Los Angeles.
  • Austin’s SXSW Interactive celebrates and enables innovation ecosystems.
  • TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, conference is designed to give attendees the chance to meet some of the biggest names and brands in social media, get  tips and strategies, and enjoy extensive networking opportunities,
  • DEMO focuses on emerging technologies and new product innovations.
Whether you build one of these conferences in this year or next…consider it a MUST DO.

For weekly input on the Startup Toolkit ideas try these blogs:

Resource links to continue to fill up your Startup Toolbox

  1. The Best Tools and Apps for Startups
  2. 10 Cool Tools for Startups by Mark Evans of Forbes Entrepreneur
  3. Top 2014 Tech Conferences for Entrepreneurs
  4.  5 Free Tools Startups Measure Impact Online Videos – Good resource for those seek to track the impact of their videos
  5.  Business Modeling Tools for Startups  A Netherlands base group called Startup Bootcamp, Europe’s most successful startup accelerator.
  6. SEO Tips for 2014
  7. 5 Essential Digital Tools for Startups
  8. Thoughts and Tools for Startups
  9. How to Growth Hack Your Startup: 3 Tools You’ll Need
  10. 34 Must Have Tools to Launch a Startup from Idea to Exit by Aaron Bird of GeekWire
  11.  Best Startup Tools for 2013
  12. The Startup Toolbox: 12 Free Tools Every Small Business Needs
  13. One Entrepreneur’s Favorite Startups Tools by Adrianna Herrera
  14. Startup Resources by VCafe  Excellent list of startup tools and resources in many realms
  15. Business Resources for Startups
  16. Wiki Front Page for Startups by Seedcamp  Excellent overall list of Startup resources in many categories with easy links
  17. Tools and Services for Startups A great startup tool blog with real time additions.