Rapid Prototyping with WordPress

Rapid Prototyping has become the key to effectively speeding up this process.  Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during development, Lyndon Cerejo inputs to Startups in Design Better Faster with Rapid Prototyping. What is Rapid Prototyping?  The old adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words” captures what user interface prototyping is all about: using visuals to describe thousands of words’ worth of design and development specifications that detail how a system should behave and look, whether it be a website or application, and validating it with a broader team of users, stakeholders, developers and designers. The Rapid Prototyping Process — the spiral cycle:

  1. concept definition
  2. implementation of a skeletal system
  3. user evaluation and concept refinement
  4. implementation of refined requirements
  5. user evaluation and concept refinement
  6. implementation of refined requirements
Why Use WordPress for your Prototyping format? WordPress is great platform for startups and small businesses looking to quickly launch new software products. There is a wide array of available themes and plugins that help startups to implement lean startup and customer development techniques. They also offer:  Large community, User-friendly, Many great themes and plugins, Turn-key features already built-in – User Management – Login and Registration – Templating System/CMS with awesome UI – Plugins, Widgets and Shortcodes. Resource links related to Rapid Prototyping with WordPress 1.  Design Better Faster with Rapid Prototyping     Great blog on the flow of the Rapid Prototyping Engine process   2.  Use WordPress for a Rapid Prototyping Engine by Drew Morris 3. 10 Time Saving Tips for Building Out Simple WordPress Sites Fast  4.  Top 100 WordPress Plugins  Great chart for ease in knowing and using WordPress plugins 5.  Wordpress for Startups    ]]>