How to Manage Your Marketing Campaigns

Collaboration is the heartbeat to marketing success. We designed the MarketingRunner platform to focus heavily on collaboration. We offer four collaboration tools: the marketing calendar, “collaborate live” screen sharing, campaign commenting, and live chat. Your team is able to work in tandem to stay on track with one another as you grow your business through stellar marketing.   The Marketing Calendar The calendar is the first piece in creating team continuity. Using the calendar will give your team a broad monthly overview of the campaigns you have scheduled. We have found that this is a great resource for teams, helping with monthly goal setting, and creating consistency for when and how long campaigns should run. Clicking on each campaign will bring you to the specific campaign page overview showing details such as the date range, budget, campaign goal, ad copy and creative, etc. Marketing Calendar   Collaborate Live This feature allows your team to share screens and follow one others’ computer mouse as you make changes and comments on the campaign – perfect for when you are not all in the same office. The collaboration session is not limited to a single page, in fact we have designed it so that when one team member moves to a new campaign, the rest of your team members are alerted and given the chance to follow them directly to the new page. Collaborate Tool   The chat feature within the live collaboration tool allows you to have a conversation strictly geared towards that collaboration session. The platform can also be integrated to your microphone so that you can speak with one another while simultaneously working in the platform. Working remotely never became more convenient! Collaborate - Chat Tool   Comment Box At the bottom of each campaign webpage there is a comment box. This creates a place for your team to make notes about general campaign iterations or suggested changes for optimization. You can also use the comment box as a means for keeping track of team conversations about the campaign – simply insert a summary of your conversation as a comment. The comment boxes on your campaigns will be visible and accessible to everyone that has access to your MarketingRunner account.   Live Chat If at any moment you need help or have a question, our Marketing Concierge Team is available for live chat. We’re available from 9am – 5pm CST to help with your marketing campaign strategy, best practices, and any questions you may have about the platform. Don’t be afraid to reach out – we’re friendly! Concierge Chat   Managing your campaigns within the MarketingRunner platform is a breeze! Everything that you have previously built can be edited at any point, which is helpful as you gain insights from our measuring tools. Get started with MarketingRunner and sign up for a Free Trial today!]]>