Tips to Grow Your Email List

Nurturing your potential and current customers through email plays a crucial role in generating revenue and repeat customers. Leadpages, a software platform designed to help businesses’ grow their email lists through tactics like killer landing pages, shared four tips to grow your email list in a recent webinar that we’d like to share with you. Incorporating these tips into your customer experience will not only help establish your brand as a thought leader, but it will boost your customer acquisition and loyalty. 1. Create a Strong Landing Page A compelling landing page will prompt further movement through the marketing funnel. For example, when someone clicks on your ad and is brought to your landing page, make sure it clearly displays what you can offer them. It can be something as simple as content, but it is absolutely crucial that they see what they can gain. This is where you as the expert have clout. The visitor knows that you are the expert and wants to take advice from you. What can you offer them? If you need a bit of inspiration, read the article 15 of the Best Landing Page Design Examples you Need to See. 2. Leverage your “Thank you” Pages After someone completes an action such as submitting your form, a generic “thank you” page will typically appear with a confirmation of all the submitted information. If we are both being honest, who actually takes an action from this page? Why not send a thank you page that is more engaging and that builds upon the excitement of someone becoming a new subscriber or customer? Use this time to grow your lists by creating a thank you page where email subscribers can share with their network. When someone opts in to learn more about your product or service this is when they are at the peak of excitement. Take advantage of this enthusiasm by making it easy for them to share it. Embed “Social Sharing” buttons or an “Email to a Friend” button so they can mindlessly share information about your product or service with their network. And better yet, offer an incentive encouraging them to share. 3. Offer Content Upgrades What are content upgrades otherwise know as lead magnets? These are informational resources – a white paper, a how-to guide, a tip sheet, an ebook – that is offered to your target audience to better gauge the interest in your company and create value to get the visitor to opt-in. For example, let’s say you wrote a DIY blog post about how to build a wooden picnic table. You could then offer the reader the option to receive an additional educational piece in exchange for their email address. When you utilize lead magnets you are tapping into the one-time blog post visitor, and as a result you are gaining their contact information and can build your relationship. People are hungry for information and the Internet can feed their hunger, especially if the content you offer them solves a problem, educates, answers questions, etc. Pro Tip: When you display the bonus information, use a leadbox over using a visible opt-in form. A lead box is a popup window that appears when a visitor clicks on a designated link, image, button, or text on a site. In short, this works best because: – It makes your page a giving page instead of a taking page – It forces people to make a decision – they are the one choosing to opt-in – It creates yes ladder tactic potential 4. Host Webinars Webinars have proven to be one of the fastest ways you can grow your email list. They are a personable way to meet with clients, build partnerships, and increase conversions. If you are too busy to create hours worth of webinar content or are stressed about hosting, simplify by starting out with Q & A webinars. No need to prepare anything other than a topic for discussion because your audience will drive the conversation with their questions. As you host webinars you will quickly realize the variety of benefits you can gain from doing so, such as interacting and learning from your target audience, growing business relationships, collecting leads, and raising brand awareness. Conclusion As your email list grows, find out what other online channels can be helpful in growing your business. At MarketingRunner, you can test multiple different channels at once to see which channel gains traction for you. Want a closer look? Simply fill out the form below and one of our MarketingRunner members will reach out. Or, if you’re ready to get going sign up for your free trial and marketing consultation, and let’s talk.  ]]>