Terefic & StartupRunner Team Up to Help Staffing Agencies Easily Find New Business

We all know that pitching to cold leads can be time consuming, stressful, and extremely difficult to convert. You’re having to sell your service to people who are often defensive who don’t immediately perceive the benefits you can provide. Terefic recognized the struggle that staffing agencies had converting cold leads over the phone and built a solution. Their automated reference checking and lead generation software helps staffing agencies who are hiring for mid-level job openings find new leads through an efficient and repeatable process. There are a few ways Terefic helps generate new qualified leads for recruiters.

  1. When recruiters perform reference checks on candidates they introduce to a client using the Terefic automated platform, they have the opportunity to get to build new connections and turn references into new business.
  2. Terefic’s software organizes references by industry, location and hiring needs. Recruiter inboxes are automatically filled with qualified leads to reach out to based on those criteria. The software complements any CRM offering as a pure lead generation tool, and interfaces seamlessly with the CRM to track the lead through the the sales funnel.
  “StartupRunner was the perfect fit for Terefic. The program has helped us leverage people, technology and platform to build a solid and repeatable sales process for us and for our customers,” says Emmanuel Toutain, Terefic CEO.   “Terefic has a unique edge being able to quickly identify qualified leads that meet a specified criteria through their software. Not only does this save staffing agencies time that previously was wasted on researching and contacting cold leads, but it’ll boost their conversion rates tremendously,” says Mykala Schwarz StartupRunner director of program managers.   Looking to acquire repeatable customers and create a scalable sales program to speed up building a profitable business, like Terefic? Apply for the 10 week virtual marketing and sales program today!]]>