Agular Systems Joins StartupRunner to Help U.S. School Districts Create Cost Efficient Human Resources Processes

You’d be amazed at the amount of paperwork and employee communication hassles school district human resources departments manage on a daily basis. Email inboxes, voicemail and file rooms are spilling over with applications, employee forms, assessments, and record requests creating stress and inefficient workflows. Agular software provides school district HR departments with a management suite to efficiently deliver more responsive employees services like onramp, transfer and requests for service records. Department staff are able to collaborate in real-time will colleagues, candidates and employees centrally through one platform. Agular’s HR Central dramatically improves the quality of staff output and employee satisfaction – all while lowering costs and headaches. “We feel very fortunate to be among the select companies within StartupRunner’s portfolio. Their team brings a keen focus to building infrastructure and world class tactics – accelerating our value proposition across all the social, search and internet media platforms,” says VP of Agular Systems, Paul Luibel. “I love seeing companies like Agular Systems provide focused solutions that fit specific needs within education and human resources. It is a growing problem within school districts across the U.S., and Agular Systems can help reduce inefficiencies and speed end-customer satisfaction. I’m looking forward to helping Agular Systems build a profitable business that impacts school districts across the nation,” says Mykala Schwarz StartupRunner director of program managers. Join startups like Agular Systems to build a profitable business – Apply for the 10 week virtual marketing and sales program today!]]>