RealValueIQ and StartupRunner Work Together to Lower Property Taxes for Texas Homeowners

How much are you really saving when protesting your property taxes? After the high cost and hassle of hiring a property tax consultant, it’s probably not much. RealValueIQ offers a turnkey product giving you the ability to protest online on your own. Here’s how it works. RealValueIQ allows homeowners to analyze their home value by comparing similar homes in the neighborhood to see if they are being overtaxed. If you are being overtaxed, homeowners can use the report as evidence to protest their property taxes. And RealValueIQ does the heavy lifting for you. Gone are the days of manually submitting the documents to the city. All the homeowner needs to do is accept or deny the protest. RealValueIQ allows you to be a more prudent homeowner and equips you to save money on one of the largest bills you’ll pay all year. If you’re a homeowner, make sure to check out their ebook on 6 things you can do to lower your property taxes come May 2017. “StartupRunner is about mitigating risks and mistakes for founders…I wish I would have known about the accelerator program earlier so I could have avoided making the mistakes that many first time founders also make” says Jordan Todd, Co-founder and Owner of RealValueIQ. “Being a new homeowner myself, RealValueIQ has made me better informed about what my legal rights are and I feel much more equipped to protest my property taxes next year,” says StartupRunner Program Director Mykala Schwarz. “I’m looking forward to helping RealValueIQ acquire repeat customers and build their marketing and sales process around the value proposition approach.” Join startups like RealValueIQ to build a profitable business – Apply for the 10 week virtual marketing and sales program today!]]>