When your company shows signs of product market fit
GROW your business with growth marketing accelerator.


Accelerator, is a bespoke 8 week program for Millennial led startups that are ready to GROW. You'll be part of a cohort of entrepreneurs at the same stage of business ready to acquire more customers and accelerate growth.

"We teach entrepreneurs to navigate the constantly changing environment in and around their business. Customers change, markets change, product requirements change...what doesn't change is the need for an entrepreneur to effectively listen to the voice of their customers and then manage the sales, marketing, product and finance activities of their business. We invest in entrepreneurs because we rely on them to create a consistent return on our invest over the long haul."

Derick Thompson
Founder, StartupRunner

StartupRunner Partners

StartupRunner partners provide special offers and services for startups participating in Accelerator. Each has been curated to help you get a critical job done on your journey to building a profitable business that positively impacts your communit.


You'll learn the frameworks essential for your entrepreneurial career.

  • Growth Marketing

    As an entrepreneur you need a data driven sales and marketing framework so that you can generate prospects, turn prospects into qualified leads and convert leads into high lifetime value customers.

  • Build a Profitable Business

    As an entrepreneur you need a business building framework so that you can measure product-market fit.

  • Scrum

    As an entrepreneur you need a project management framework so that your team can work effectively.

  • Business Model Canvas

    As an entrepreneur you need a business model framework so that you can validate your business is sustainable.

  • Investor Readiness

    As entrepreneurs you need an investor framework so that you can attract value investors.


You'll dedicate 10 hours a week to grow your business during program.


No Programming

You need time to focus on getting your business off to a good week. No official programing.


Growth Workshops

Morning group workshops where we cover a critical section from the StartupRunner growth marketing cirriculum.


Growth Days

Entire days dedicated by your team to work on the business using growth marketing activities.


Growth Sessions

One on One sessions with Derick & Thani to apply growth marketing principles + anything else needed to grow your business.


Bespoke Mentoring

Occasional mentoring sessions with advisors, investors and other entrepreneurs that can make a material impact on your business.


You'll have an opportunity to office out of StartupRunner HQ at Industry City - Brooklyn NY or participate remotely.


You'll work with Derick Thompson & Thani Sokka to grow your business.

Derick Thompson

My purpose is to inspire, educate and equip Millennials to build a profitable business that positively impacts their community. As an entrepreneur, I've founded StartupRunner, RGM, DailyDigital, and As a management consultant, I've led product development and growth marketing initiatives at 50+ startups and public companies including Dow Jones. As the founder of StartupRunner I've created our TV platform, show, authored Build a Profitable Business® and co-manage our ownership in a growing number of businesses.

Thani Sokka

Dynamic and creative professional with 17+ years of experience in systems engineering, enterprise architecture, design and development, software project management, object-oriented design, and data/information modeling, working with the latest system development technologies and methodologies Extensive experience as a technical team leader and software project manager for teams of sizes 2-20 developers; have lead and participated in the architecting, designing, developing, and launch of many small, medium, and large scale applications; substantial experience interacting with clients;


You'll join an exclusive group of Millennial entrepreneurs building profitable businesses that impact their communities.

Program Dates

StartupRunner's accelerator runs on a quarterly basis. Each cohort is different in size and made of up of a unique group of entrepreneurs. Apply for the program dates which could work for your business.


Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Accelerator Dates

Jan 8th - March 2nd, 2018

April 2nd - June 1st, 2018

July 9th - Sept 7th, 2018

Sept 24th - Nov 24th, 2018




May 1st

June 1st

Start Application

Apply now and look for an invite to connect with someone from the StartupRunner team to discuss if your business is ready for Accelerator to grow your business.