How To Explain Scrum To Your Company

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Getting People To Work Together Sam Walton was asked about the secret to Wal-Mart’s success to which he replied “We’re all working together; that’s the secret”. Sam’s definition of Wal-Mart’s success is a practical way to understand Scrum; a way to get people working effectively together. The Scrum Guide™ provides a more technical definition of Scrum […]

CEOs Scrum Guide : Introduction

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Why A Scrum Guide For CEOs? Scrum has become a go to framework everyone from startups to the fortune 500 use to get things done. While originally designed for software development, Scrum has the potential to help entire organizations master the art of what Scrum pioneer Jeff Sutherland calls Doing Twice the Work in Half […]

The 3 Laws Of Startup Investing


3 years ago I founded StartupRunner, a management consulting firm with an early stage investment arm. Over the past 36 months we’ve run diverse experiments developing a repeatable process for finding investable startups amidst the 1000’s seeking investment: raised and deployed demonstration venture fund participated in angel network CTAN built software to measure product market […]

RealValueIQ and StartupRunner Work Together to Lower Property Taxes for Texas Homeowners

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How much are you really saving when protesting your property taxes? After the high cost and hassle of hiring a property tax consultant, it’s probably not much. RealValueIQ offers a turnkey product giving you the ability to protest online on your own. Here’s how it works. RealValueIQ allows homeowners to analyze their home value by […]

What is a Chief Growth Officer?


I was recently asked by a corporate executive why I consider myself a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) and why StartupRunner’s growth marketing accelerator program is focused on training entrepreneurs to be CGO’s for their startups. The answer to the question – what is a Chief Growth Officer – lies in understanding how four key areas of […]

Investor Update Template


If your a business owner – you have investors, employees, partners and shareholders that should hear how your business is performing on a monthly basis. Entrepreneurs often think that if the news isn’t good they shouldn’t let anyone know. This is flawed thinking and a HUGE mistake. When things aren’t going well it’s the perfect […]

The Maximus Box and StartupRunner Partner to Bring Sexy Back to Big and Tall

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Every man deserves fitted and crisp clothes. Unfortunately shopping for big and tall doesn’t come that easy. Oftentimes men struggle going store to store only to find that their size isn’t carried or sold. They’re presented with limited clothing options that aren’t flattering or don’t reflect their personality. The Maximus Box helps big and tall […]

Agular Systems Joins StartupRunner to Help U.S. School Districts Create Cost Efficient Human Resources Processes

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You’d be amazed at the amount of paperwork and employee communication hassles school district human resources departments manage on a daily basis. Email inboxes, voicemail and file rooms are spilling over with applications, employee forms, assessments, and record requests creating stress and inefficient workflows. Agular software provides school district HR departments with a management suite […]