Convertible Debt For Future Equity


StartupRunner’s growth marketing accelerator program provides critical support for startups trying to accelerator acquisition of repeat customers, create a scaleable sales program and raise money from investors to speed up building a profitable business. The economics of StartupRunner’s program is simple. Startups give up an agreed upon amount of equity to participate in the program. […]

We are hiring Growth Accelerator Program Manager(s)!


We are seeking Program Manager(s) who have strong marketing experience in paid advertising and inbound marketing, and exceptional leadership and communication skills. As a Program Manager, you will be working closely with startup Founders and Marketing Managers of 8+ startup companies concurrently – each running through StartupRunner’s 10 week Growth Accelerator. Your ability to educate […]

Plum & StartupRunner Team Up To Help Luxury Homeowners Automate Home Lighting Control

Accelerator Companies

The connected home market has grown exponentially over the past few years as products like water sprinklers, refrigerators and thermostats have begun to take advantage of Internet connectivity. While hundreds of products enter the market each month, very few actually apply Internet connected technology in ways that create meaningful value for luxury homeowners. “Over the […]

HubSpot & StartupRunner Partner To Accelerate Growth In Startups Nationwide


HubSpot is a cutting-edge inbound marketing software tool that has helped thousands of startups, both big and small, accelerate customer acquisition. “HubSpot’s commitment to helping startups nationwide grow makes them a perfect partner for StartupRunner’s Growth Accelerator,” said Derick Thompson founder of StartupRunner Capital. Starting today, all startups accepted into StartupRunner’s Accelerator will also qualify […]

Cnverg & StartupRunner Join Forces to Revolutionize Remote Product Team Collaboration

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Working remotely is the new reality for product development teams – both large and small. While big corporations can afford to fly their employees around to collaborate in conference rooms full of sticky notes on the wall, startups don’t have resources to facilitate in-person product team collaboration. Derick Thompson founder of StartupRunner said, “Having worked with […]

StartupRunner Accelerator Joins WeWork To Grow Startups In Austin, TX


Starting on April 17, 2016, StartupRunner will be running its growth accelerator inside WeWork Austin. Startups will also have the opportunity to apply for and benefit from the WeWork Labs program. Eight startups will accelerate finding a group of repeatable customers with a repeatable sales process that yields a profitable business model. Those startups that identify […]

LineHire & StartupRunner Team Up To Make Finding Qualified Job Candidates Fast & Affordable For Startups

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LineHire & the StartupRunner Accelerator join forces to make finding qualified job candidates fast & affordable for startups. In the startup world, finding great candidates is increasingly difficult. Even if you can find candidates, it’s hard to see if a person worth pursuing from cover letters and short intro calls. The alternative has been hiring […]

Healthy Energy Drink Challenge – Aspire Drinks & StartupRunner Join Forces to Help American Startups Run Faster with Healthy Energy Drinks

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Aspire Drinks & StartupRunner join forces to help American startups run faster with healthy energy drinks. Caffeine fuels American startup culture. Employee lounges are stocked full of free gourmet coffee and energy drinks to keep employees working long hours and meeting company goals. It’s a well-known fact that most caffeine products end with a crash […]