1 Day Intensive To Grow Your Businesses


Bootcamp, is a 1 day live intensive for entrepreneurs ready to grow their business. You must apply to get an invitation to attend a bootcamp near you for the opportunity to pass Level 3 of StartupRunner and start the admissions process of Level 4: growth marketing accelerator.

The Bootcamp Experience

This is the most important next step you can take in your early entrepreneurial career. It will fundamentally change the way you think about yourself, customers and products. It will save you from making expensive mistakes and becoming part of the 90% of high growth startups and 50% of small businesses that fail every year.

# 1


To build a profitable business you have to be the right type of entrepreneur. You'll be reminded or taught for the first time how to align your personal purpose with a customer need. Ensure that you're focused on your customers needs instead of you own and how to practice customer empathy to generate product and business insights.

# 2


The voice of your customer is the secret to building the right product. We'll help you define the business you want to create and show you how to validate it with paying customers. Through the process of designing value propositions, calling customers and selling them on the value you can deliver, you'll unlock what product you should start developing.

# 3


As you discover the value customers will pay you to deliver we'll teach you how to analyze the market opportunity and determine if there are enough customers to build a profitable business. Using our 4 step iterative framework you'll reduce the time it takes to find and focus on a group of customers you can efficiently market and sell to.

"StartupRunner's key to success is a practical business framework that helps entrepreneurs answer the question - are there enough customers to buy my product to even build a profitable business?

Derick Thompson
Founder and Author, StartupRunner

Bootcamp Structure

Entrepreneurs learn by doing. StartupRunner Bootcamp is a unique educational program that combines interactive lectures and workshops, value proposition design, customer cold calls, business modeling and one on one coaching to help you lay a strong foundation for building a profitable business.

Step 1

Discover where your personal purpose intersects with a customer job.

Great product ideas stem from an entrepreneur personal purpose aligning with what customers are trying to get done. Exercise: personal purpose to customer job mapping.

Step 2

Commit to being a customer focused entrepreneur.

There’s just one mistake that kills businesses: not making something users want. Exercise: founder EQ assessment.

Step 3

Learn how to listen to your customers.

If you aren't a good listener you'll never discover what customers want from your business. Exercise: customer empathy test.

Step 4

Define the value you want your business to create for customers.

At some point you have to draw a line in the sand and state what business you want to create. Exercise: value proposition equation design.

Step 5

Test the value customers want your business to create.

Once you've stated the value you want to create you need to start testing to validate your assumptions. Exercise: customer consults.

Step 6

Validate a primary value proposition for your business.

Overtime you'll validate which value proposition best articulates why customers will buy and at that point it needs to become the focal point of your business . Exercise: customer consult results analysis.

Step 7

Validate a beachhead market of customers.

You must make sure there will be enough customers to buy from your business to become profitable. Exercise: beachhead marketing design.

Step 8

Focus on your beachhead market of customers.

Customers from outside your beachhead market will buy from you which can break your focus and limit growth. Exercise: beachhead market analysis.

Step 9

Validate a sustainable business model.

You should have a simple articulation of your business model that everyone in your startup understands. Exercise: business model canvas.

Step 10

Step 10 - Stop building a business that won’t be profitable.

If the data is telling you there isn't a profitable business to be have to know when to stop or pivot. Exercise: financial modeling.


Start admissions process for StartupRunner Level 4: Growth Marketing Accelerator

If you're already successfully putting into practice the key elements of StartupRunner's build a profitable business framework you could be ready to be one of the elite entrepreneurs in StartupRunner's growth marketing accelerator. Exercise: admissions application.


Your success in StartupRunner's bootcamp will be due to a collaboration with our founder and CTO.

Derick Thompson

My purpose is to inspire, educate and equip Millennials to build a profitable business that positively impacts their community. As an entrepreneur, I've founded StartupRunner, RGM, DailyDigital, and As a management consultant, I've led product development and growth marketing initiatives at 50+ startups and public companies including Dow Jones. As the founder of StartupRunner I've created our TV platform, show, authored Build a Profitable Business® and co-manage our ownership in a growing number of businesses.

Thani Sokka

Dynamic and creative professional with 17+ years of experience in systems engineering, enterprise architecture, design and development, software project management, object-oriented design, and data/information modeling, working with the latest system development technologies and methodologies Extensive experience as a technical team leader and software project manager for teams of sizes 2-20 developers; have lead and participated in the architecting, designing, developing, and launch of many small, medium, and large scale applications; substantial experience interacting with clients;

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Applications are open until end of day Nov 10th.

You are responsible for any transportation, food & lodging. Industry City has a full food-court and other amenities.

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220 36th St Brooklyn, NY 11232

Bootcamp Date & Times

Nov 18th, 2017

10am - 2pm

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