When you’re starting to sell a product to customers VALIDATE
your business model is on track + win a $5k investment at bootcamp.


Bootcamp, is a one day intensive to help you VALIDATE
your business model is on track and give you a chance to win a $5k investment to jump start your business.. If you are a Millennial entrepreneur (22-35) - come get StartupRunner's help creating a business, financial and go to market model you can use to test the assumptions you're making about your business. You don't need a product to compete. Know the customers your business can serve and you'll be on the leader board. StartupRunner is making small bets in the earliest stage startups led by the best and brightest entrepreneurs to speedup their journey to build a profitable business that positively impacts their community. You must register to get an invitation to attend a bootcamp near you.


You'll dedicate 10 hours a week to grow your business during program.


Welcome To Bootcamp

30K foot overview of StartupRunner's Bootcamp by Derick Thompson, work you'll be doing on your business and how to beat out other entrepreneurs to win the $5,000 investment.


Market Opportunity

We'll help you analyze your market opportunity as you fill out your StartupRunner model with customer jobs, customer segments, size of your beachhead market, value proposition equations and consults with customers.



Map out what a minimal viable product based on your primary value proposition.


Business Model

Map out what your business model based on your primary value proposition.


Lunch Break

Industry City is chalked full of amazing local restaurants to grab a bite to eat.



Create your financial model to project when you'll break even and generate a profit based on your current business assumptions.


Investment Readiness

Sort out who owns what part of your business and what valuation you'll be asking for if you make it to the Bootcamp Finale.


Legal Check

Figure out if you've got your ducks in a row and can take an investment from StartupRunner.



30 min break for you to prepare for your 3 min pitch to win a $3k investment from StartupRunner if you're in the top five entrepreneurs for the Bootcamp Finals.


StartupRunner Bootcamp Finals

Top five entrepreneurs will get called on to pitch their business to StartupRunner founder Derick Thompson, GP + CTO Thani Sokka and local Brooklyn, NY angel investors. Each entrepreneur gets 3 mins to pitch and 2 mins for Q&A. Investors score each entrepreneur across the five areas they worked on during Bootcamp (Market, Product, Business Model, Financials, Funding). The entrepreneur with the top score will receive a $5,000 lead investment from StartupRunner and opportunity to convince other investors to come in on the round.


Millennial Entrepreneur Community

Stick around for our once a month gathering for Millennials to get inspired, educated & equipped to build a profitable business that positively impacts their community. Learn more about Community.


Bootcamp takes place at Industry City - Brooklyn NY on the 2nd Saturday of each month. 10am - 5pm


StartupRunner's partners will work hands on with you throughout Bootcamp.

Derick Thompson

My purpose is to inspire, educate and equip Millennials to build a profitable business that positively impacts their community. As an entrepreneur, I've founded StartupRunner, RGM, DailyDigital, and As a management consultant, I've led product development and growth marketing initiatives at 50+ startups and public companies including Dow Jones. As the founder of StartupRunner I've created our TV platform, show, authored Build a Profitable Business® and co-manage our ownership in a growing number of businesses.

Thani Sokka

Dynamic and creative professional with 17+ years of experience in systems engineering, enterprise architecture, design and development, software project management, object-oriented design, and data/information modeling, working with the latest system development technologies and methodologies Extensive experience as a technical team leader and software project manager for teams of sizes 2-20 developers; have lead and participated in the architecting, designing, developing, and launch of many small, medium, and large scale applications; substantial experience interacting with clients;


Registrations are open on a rolling basis.

You are responsible for any transportation, food & lodging. Industry City has a full food-court and other amenities.

Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

Bootcamp Date & Times

Jan 13th, 2018 (10am - 2pm)

Feb 10th, 2017 (10am - 2pm)




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