Server Management for Startups


What is important about Server Management for Startups?  As your Startup moves toward working with a large site, lots of people and pages maintaining it, you will come across various workflows to get from a web design paper prototype to the actual pages live on the internet. The workflow for a complex site can include […]

Rapid Prototyping with WordPress


Every startup in the early stage needs to visualize its future. Rapid Prototyping has become the key to effectively speeding up this process.  Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during development, Lyndon Cerejo inputs to Startups in Design Better Faster with […]

Minimum Viable Product for Startups


Minimum Viable Product for Startups is the key strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing of a product or product feature for startups.  After your Startup idea is created, but before you fully developed it, this critical step creates the strategy to avoid building products that customers won’t want in the long run. A Minimum Viable Product […]