Customer Segments For Startups

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Many startup companies have technologies that interest several different customer segments.  Because startups have limited resources, each company needs to prioritize which customer segments to target with their technology and marketing efforts. Why customer segments for startups are essential? Great input from the article, How to Get Startup Ideas by Interviewing Customers. 1.  On most business model canvases the customer […]

Server Management for Startups


What is important about Server Management for Startups?  As your Startup moves toward working with a large site, lots of people and pages maintaining it, you will come across various workflows to get from a web design paper prototype to the actual pages live on the internet. The workflow for a complex site can include […]

Difference Between Customers and Users

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

As a startup, you may still be identifying your revenue streams.  So it is the ideal time to wrap your mind around the difference between customers and users.   Bottom-line: users use and customers buy. “Grow your user base and your customer base grows as well,”  states Users, not Customers: Who Really Determines the Success of your […]