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Mendez Case Study

StartupRunner Consulting takes Brazil’s #1 leading hot sauce to a larger, global audience.

Brand Story

Mendez has been lifting farming families out of poverty by offering decent work for 13 years, but it’s authentic impact story was never told.

Every 5000 bottles of Mendez Hot Sauce sold accelerates the UN Sustainable Development Goals lifting another family out of poverty providing decent work. For 13 years Mendez has provided decent work to farming families in Central Brazil. Providing farmland, agricultural training and guaranteed purchase of crops have already changed the lives of 112 families.


The faces of the family farmers of Mendez reveal the hard work and passion that goes into every bottle.


A 13-year-old brand needed to be refreshed and positioned for global hot sauce consumers without losing its identity.

Old Brand

New Brand


Developing the right packaging for Mendez Hot Sauce started with incorporating the brand story into the label itself.

Old Label


New Label


From farm to factory to table – the story of a bottle of Mendez Hot Sauce journeys from the heart of Brazil to global consumers.

30 Sec Product

60 Sec Product

Brand Story


Outdated and unresponsive – the Mendez web presence required a complete re-design and build.

Old Site

New Site

Social Media 

Building a digital community for Mendez lovers and connecting Brazilian & US customers

PPC Campaigns

Exclusively on Amazon, Mendez Hot Sauce rose in the ranks thanks to strategic advertising campaigns.

Mendez earned the #1 ranking for new releases of hot sauce on Amazon in the first week

Mendez earned the #8 ranking for in the hot sauce category and #13 in all sauces within 6 weeks.