Go To Market (GTM) Accelerator

Launch your next product like a startup.

Accelerate Product Market Fit

StartupRunner's GTM Accelerator can help you bring your product to market using startup strategies, technologies and frameworks.

StartupRunner's GTM accelerator program is for companies that want to bring a product to market like a startup. For 6 months a dedicated StartupRunner consultant will join your team to support product development, sales, marketing and customer services activities. By adapting startup strategies, technologies and frameworks to the way your organization works, your StartupRunner will improve the success of your product launch. Our consultants think and act like the launch of your product is their own startup.


Alpha (2 months)

Your StartupRunner consultant will join you in the early stage of the alpha release of your product. Our first objective will be to optimize collaboration between team members and put clear launch milestones in place. We'll then we shift focus to benchmarking your core assumptions about value propositions, business model, target market and customer acquisition.


Beta (2 months)

As beta customers begin to buy your product the setup of customer service and CRM processes will become our priority. During this phase we work with your cross functional team to ensure the voice of the customer (VOC) influences continuing product development and major business decisions. We help companies take a scientific approach to systematically testing market segments to discover a beachhead market to focus sales and marketing efforts on.


General Availability (2 months)

As your product becomes available to anyone our focus will move to optimizing sales and marketing. Marketing automation and landing page split testing will provide critical data from the sales funnel which we'll help you turn into actionable insights. We'll help you keep iterative and adaptable to deal with unforeseen risks, while guiding you through our repeatable GTM process developed by helping 50+ companies bring products to market.

  • Lead weekly working and steering group meetings
  • Create and manage program status reporting
  • Optimize product development
  • Optimize sales and marketing
  • Optimize customer service
  • Optimize business model
  • 6 month minimum contract with SR
  • Open to testing new ways to collaborate
  • Open to testing new ways to develop products
  • Open to testing new ways to acquire and retain customers
  • Fun and positive work environment

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