Mendez Hot Sauce

Brazilian – Vegan – Gourmet – Malagueta Peppers – Low Sodium

Warning: This is ADDICTING

This normally was only found in Brazil. I'm SO happy this company is importing it. I use it on my eggs, meat and basically whatever I can. Its just the right amount of heat and the taste is superb. I HIGHLY recommend you giving it a shot.

Noah Kagan

Amazon Customer (repeat)

Will be buying again.. A very unique versatile hot sauce

Very unique love this hot sauce .. I will be buying this hot sauce again.

Luke Camp

Amazon Customer (repeat buyer)

Solid heat, great flavor

I’m not a big hot sauce guy, mostly because so many hot sauces sacrifice flavor for heat. Call me crazy, but sauce should taste good!

Chris Powers

Amazon Customer

Good, but super $$$

This hot sauce is really good and has a nice unique flavor, definitely give it a shot! It is however a very small bottle for the price.


Amazon Customer


Good and original taste. It is hard to believe how expensive this little bottle is.

Alec Brusilovsky

Amazon Customer

Better with Mendez!

Mendez is the the best fresh hot sauce! #1 in Brazil and now, finally, available in America, it’s flavor profile is a excellence balance of heat and smoothness. Give it a try, if you enjoy hot sauce, eggs, meat, any thing that needs a little heat will just be so much better! Buy a bottle of Mendez now!

David Thompson

Amazon Customer (repeat buyer)

Best new hot sauce! Unique addition to our table

We were excited to try this new hot sauce as we like to have cholula and sriracha with almost every meal. We have tried many of the other hot sauces that we have found as well, but nothing has made its way to our table as an instant staple like this one.

Nick Plassman

Amazon Customer (repeat buyer)


You’ve never tasted a hot sauce like Mendez! A unique and savory hot sauce with flavorful malagueta chili peppers, sea salt and premium ingredients. Significantly enhancing meats, cheese, pizza, eggs or any food you fancy!

Every 5000 bottles of Mendez Hot Sauce sold accelerates the Global Sustainable Development Goals lifting another family out of poverty providing decent work. For 13 years Mendez has provided decent work to farming families in Central Brazil. Providing farmland, agricultural training and guaranteed purchase of crops have already changed the lives of 112 families.


Freshly grown chili peppers from Mendez farms in central Brazil. As well as vinegar, sunflower oil, sea salt and a special blend of herbs and spices that give our hot sauce it’s magically fresh flavor.


Unlike anything you’ve tasted, the flavor is a perfect balance of heat which lingers only for a moment leaving you ready for more. Overall similar to the heat profile of Sriracha and Secret Aardvark.


Vegan, Non-GMO, mayo-free, gluten free, dye free, with no artificial flavors or sugar added. Additionally, chili peppers are very high in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K1, Potassium, Copper and Vitamin A