Our Story

StartupRunner was founded in 2014 with the launch of a sales and marketing accelerator that developed into our consulting and capital businesses.

StartupRunner mission from day one in Austin, TX was to inspire, educate and equip entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses that make a positive impact on local communities.

Over the past 5 years, the strategy and tactics to accomplish this mission have evolved. Our accelerator program forged the early version of StartupRunner’s framework which drives growth in businesses. From there it evolved into a management consulting framework that is now being utilized by more than just startups – companies like Dow Jones.

Investments in 50+ companies provided insights for StartupRunner to extend its brand, capital, and operational involvement to build branded startups in industries with the potential to create tremendous social impact.

In 2017 StartupRunner relocated to New York City to be in a higher concentration of impact investing – specifically related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Since then all of StartupRunner’s activities have been aligned to accelerate the SDG’s.