Josiah Davis explains why he built a coffee and donut shop

[00:00:07] When you know what you're working for it's easy to do more than you think you can do when you're building something for the people around you that you care about. Then that that's empowering. And it makes the work fulfilling. I have a vision to create. To bring forth peace to bring forth joy to bring forth strength into the people around me and to even to find that alive in my own heart. And so it turns out that starting a business is a great way to do that. [00:00:46] Starting a coffee shop and a donut shop is a great way to do that. And it seems like it might not be but I believe that starting just a small business is it it's an amazing place to start. You have to be providing something for the people around you. And so you you find yourself serving your and integrating into your community and then building what people actually care about what they're actually consuming what they actually like. And I embarked on this because I want to see Boone, NC be a place that can hold a life that is just just really rich and really beautiful and really full. [00:01:32] I love that we're a donut shop. We've got a very special old recipe and we love to make them. So whatever else we do that's always a part of it because it makes people smile. You know there's there's these kids that are peering through the windows at that point the one with sprinkles or point the one with fruit loops or whatever it is. And that's fun and that makes it makes donuts you know great. And then behind that to know that we're working hard on just something simple. There's just something special about that something special about serving a donut. You can't eat one it not to be a fun thing. [00:02:14] You know some days are better than others, but I'm pretty highly caffeinated individual. [00:02:21] I don't know any cups coffee drinking or eating day. As a small roaster we have the advantage of bring in that special bean. And know that came from this section of the farm. You can never do that if you're serving you know 10000 pounds of coffee across the U.S.. But we're serving our shop a couple of shops around us we are able to connect to connect to that premium bean. We are able to care for the process all the way through. That's that's the beauty of Local Lion. It is a reflection of me and my wife our staff our vision. There's definitely a personal touch. Basically what I'm saying is that. Being a part of a small business is a way of loving others as a way of caring about your community.

StartupRunner Team

July 13, 2017

Channel: Entrepreneurs