SEO strategy and best practices

There are many factors that search engines take into account when crawling your pages and trying to understand them, so let’s dive into some SEO strategy and best practices. Keywords are the words typed into search engines. Basically, they’re the topics that searchers are trying to learn more about. In order to attract those interested strangers to your content, you need to do research to figure out which keywords relate to your business and your industry that this stranger might use.

StartupRunner Team

March 30, 2017

Channel: Entrepreneurship

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90% of startups and 50% of small businesses fail, but many of these failures could have been prevented. Build a Profitable Business was written by StartupRunner founder Derick Thompson to inspire entrepreneurs to discover the intersection between their passions and a customer's need. Teach entrepreneurs how to use value propositions to discover what product to create and a market of paying customers. Equip entrepreneurs with a 10 step process to lead them down the path towards building a profitable business.

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