Social Good Entrepreneurship

Young entrepreneurs want to do social good so badly. It's kind of interesting because they want to have. A philanthropic or social impact now. And so in doing so you'll find many of the businesses they build they have an element that takes on that social mission that's important to them.

Chances are on a green belt or hiking trail you're not going to have recycle been sitting around you. So being responsible consumers and responsible producers we need to put our beer into a container that's easiest for you to recycle. And so from an environmental standpoint cans were so much better for us there. You know the more we can do to benefit our community I think the better we're going to be long term.

I'm on the board of two nonprofits and like for a business to say that local is a big key for us then we have to care about the mean that Moran in your own non-profit board of directors you have accountants and you have lawyers and you have all these kind of big leagues activists. But a lot of times they're representing big businesses and when I want to help represent these local businesses whether it's a restaurant or bar or a barber shop. And so that's kind of what I try to do when I'm on a board of directors just represent the mindset and mentality of how this nonprofit can reach out to these local businesses and get them engaged.

We donate 1 percent of our annual revenue to environmental nonprofits are a neat organization called 1 percent for the planet. But we also required that our employees give 1 percent of their working hours during the year to volunteer at these nonprofits. It's time that I pay them for. So they're not having to do it on their own time it's during working hours. But that shows them wow this is a meaningful thing. This is a great piece of our community. And so it helps us really get our message out there because not only am I talking about what we do but our employees are excited about it as well.
Their rewards are also they've done something very important for the social fiber of their community. For them their rewards are not measured solely in dollar signs to measure measured in the impact and the goodness they have achieved while building that this.

StartupRunner Team

July 30, 2017

Channel: Entrepreneurship