Best Websites for Startups

100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs  to start, this article and slide show of 100 Best Websites by the website For Entrepreneurs is a great resource. Below we add specific ones that we think are valuable and specific input.

  1. Lean Startup Methodology
  2. The Startup America Partnership     The Startup America Partnership supports a national network of startup communities dedicated to advancing the success of American startups. Hundreds of passionate founders, entrepreneurial leaders, investors, mentors and executives, (Startup Champions), are working together to strengthen their local communities and help young companies grow.  Startup America Partnership was launched at the White House in January 2011.
  3. Silicon Prairie News – A great website to see up-to-date new out of Silicon Valley related to Startups and more.
  4. Tech Crunch- A great website for startups and with updates for all things techy.
  5. Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.
  6. Quora-Best Source of Knowledge
  7. For Entrepreneurs-expertise, wisdom and resources for startups and entrepreneurs. Great blogs from many tech experts.
  8. Startup Weekend-website of the Startup Weekend group that coordinates Startup Events around the world. 54 hour events where every realm and role in a startup show up: designers, PRmarketing, developers, startup enthusiasts and more show up to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups.
  9. Steve Blank-is a super-experienced Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur. On his website is his excellent and insightful blog, as well as the books he has written, podcasts, etc.
  10. The Startup Guide-The Startup Guide combines the essence of the social enterprise movement with the hacker spirit of high-growth technology startups and gives advice for future entrepreneurs who want to build a big company while creating sustainable value for society at-large. It is being written in San Francisco by Ryan Allis, the CEO of Connect.
  11. Harvard Business Review– excellent blogs on a variety of subjects.
  12. All Top Startups– a great resource site for young entrepreneurs starting and growing businesses.
  13. DailyTekk-a great resource for the variety of tech world issues
  14. Pocket-lint – Gadget news and reviews.
  15. TechHive – Products you’ll love and how to get the most out of them.
  16. Techdirt – Insight and analysis on technology, government policy, legal issues and more.
  17. GeekWire – Dispatches from the digital frontier.
  18. The Wirecutter – The best technology to buy as determined by research and testing.
  19. Gadget Review – Lifestyle gadget site.
  20. BGR (Boy Genius Report) – Mobile and tech news, reviews, opinions, insights.
  21. AnandTech – A deeper dive into tech down to the component level.
  22. OSNews – Exploring the future of computing.