How to Create Effective Pinterest Pins for your Business

Pinterest is best paired with visually-driven companies whose consumers are also visually-driven. A major benefit to pinning on Pinterest is the longevity of your content. 50 percent of site visits from pins happen over three months after the original pin was published. This is a much longer time period than the 5-80 minute content life on Twitter! Let’s dive into what makes an effective pin.

  1. Tall, Clean, Beautiful Images
  • Display Multiple Products – One photo with multiple products or mosaic style pin made of two to four images perform better. They give pinners a more full picture of product offerings and can appeal to different tastes.
  • Text Overlay – Be informative and inspirational. Include short simple text overlays on the image. Use only soft calls to action and details about the product in the description.
  • Stay Tall – Vertically-oriented photos with tall aspect ratios lead to higher repin rates (preferred ratio 2:3 to 1:3.5).
  • Clean Branding – Branding and logos should complement, not distract from pins. To take this further you can also carry your branding to all your board covers. Make custom branded pins or choose pins within a color scheme that compliments your brand. e.g. Soft earthy colors for Anthropologie or bright orange for Home Depot.
  1. Colorful Photos
  • Images without faces receive 23 percent more repins.
  • Pins with multiple dominant colors are repinned 3.25x more than those with one dominant color.
  • Red images fare better than blue.
  • As mentioned above, taller images are more likely to be repinned (optimum photo width: 600px – 736px).
  1. Writing Descriptions
  • The best pin descriptions contain helpful details to better understand the product, popular and related keywords, and a positive sentiment.
  • Include a call-to-action telling the user what to do – whether it be following the link to the site or to an article with further information.
  • Keep the descriptions short and sweet – around three sentences.
Important copy guidelines from Pinterest:
  • Avoid hashtags
  • No promotional information
  • No “salesy” calls to action (e.g. Buy now!)
  • No references to Pinterest functionality (e.g. Click here to pin!)
  1. Use Rich Pins
Rich pins are a great resource because they include product information directly in the pin – like price. If the product is ever discounted, all pinners who repinned your rich pin will receive an email notifying them of the discounted price! It is important to make sure that your rich pins have current pricing and stock availability listed. Rich pins are easy to create and only require meta tags from your site. The WordPress Yoast SEO plugin will do this for you. Need more help? We’d be happy to chat! Simply schedule a free demo and our team will connect with you shortly.     Sources/Additional Resources: Promoted Pins Creative Guide Guides by Pinterest Videos: “Click-worthy Pins”  Making a great pin  Making a great board]]>